Introducing Poet Tree Poetry – a poetic social network to create and share poetry in ways not previously possible. With use of the app, poetry can now be the contribution of many poets working together and with the word and pattern tools choosing best words are easier than ever. The poetry is structured as a tree with verses as branches that can be arranged into different versions of poetry for collaboration with others or just yourself.

There’s interactive poetry that constantly evolves, traditional poetry that remains unchanged and everything between while being anonymous, multilingual or even hieroglyphical for free verse or rhyme patterns.

The app and site are ready for testing and so I’m offering early access to fund launch and stretch goals. You must have an Apple device for early access but everyone receives the same huge discount for the app currency used after the testing period.

The current stretch goals are to build the Android version and to implement the Blockchain plugin so verses can easily be secured and marketed. If there’s lots of support then another stretch goal is to redesign the social network into a fully decentralized blockchain that generates rewards for best poets and that’s governed by members of the round table.

My highest tier of support is to become a member of the round table so you can vote on the direction that this social network takes - in a decentralized fashion. The only requirement is to keep the mission of solving world problems as highest priority rather it be supporting collaborative poetic discussions of important issues, building interactive scholastic learning aids, inspiring positive change or just creating anything of good intentions.

The app will be free for everyone with 1 free seed to plant a tree but more seeds are needed for more trees. During this campaign, you are able to purchase discounted seeds and leaves. You create a leaf to promote a message like a classified ad for others to see. Higher tiers also allow you to choose a unique poet color so only your branches will be that color. All other poets will be assigned a random color that’s unique to their branches.

By joining now you’re able to establish your roots in growing trees and displaying leaves so you’ll be ready for others after the testing period. The round table price will dramatically increase so it’s best to join now. Please help bring this network to meet the stretch goals and to aid in the mission of solving world problems through constructive and collaborative poetry.