Freedom of Speech to Solve All Problems in the World

Collectible Rewards for the People

PoetTreePoetry joins people through collaborative poetry and is aimed to solve any problem in the world because if the right people work together then any problem can be solved. It’s as easy as just clicking a link to view the poetry and then adding your thoughts to be revised and arranged until it sounds best. Similar to how ancient Japanese performed collaborative poetry countrywide, the same can be accomplished worldwide by sharing a link. To incentivize participation, desired collectibles are awarded to best problem solvers participating in the collaborative poetry and aiding charities and nonprofits. This new way to communicate can end destruction from riots and wars and bring peaceful resolutions since agreements can be debated through moderated discussions without any violence. Other worldly problems can also be addressed like hunger, poverty, education, environmental issues, human rights, etc… and while the initial solution may not be best, hope remains as others can always make revisions when viewpoints, problems and solutions change. The right people will eventually work together for the best solution! Now this could all be done without it being poetic but being poetic is more interesting and fun so it’s more engaging and requires more thought. The more thought you put into ideas then the better they can become and anything can be poetry if you put your feelings into it so you minus well be poetic!

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